EMC filters
  • Wide current range of standard filters up to 2500 A
  • Rated voltage up to 760 V AC and 2000 V DC
  • Various terminal styles
  • UL/CSA/ENEC approval
  • Customer-specific solutions upon request
  • EPCOS also runs its own accredited EMC laboratory in Regensburg/Germany which can perform all necessary tests and issue the documentation to obtain CE-conformity

Converter chokes and output filters

  • Active front end chokes and dv/dt filters upon request
  • Sine-wave filters
  • SineFormer sine-wave EMC output filters for frequency converters supersede shielded motor cables

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2-line filters

  • Suppression of differential and common-mode disturbances
  • Modular SIFI filter system with various cases and insertion loss performances
  • Medical versions with very low leakage current
  • 1 or 2 stage filters
  • Ambient temperature up to +100 °C
  • Filters for traction applications and frequency converters
  • Filters for PCB mounting
  • VR: 250 ... 520 V AC
  • VR: 250 ... 2000 V DC
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3-line filters

  • Main filters for 3-phase applications with symmetrical load
  • Optimized leakage current
  • Book size or compact filters
  • B84143A****R106 for short motor cable lengths
  • B84143A****R105 for converter applications with medium motor cable lengths
  • B84143D****R127 for long motor cable lengths up to 300 m
  • *S80/*S81 for high currents and short motor cable lengths
  • *S20/S21/S24 for high currents on long motor cable lengths
  • B84143A****R410 for regenerative units (Active Front End Converters) with high saturation-proof chokes
  • VR: 440 ... 760 V AC
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4-line filters

  • For 3-phase applications with unsymmetrical load, space saving design
  • B84108: chassis filters
  • B84131: for power supplies
  • B84144A****R120 with terminal blocks
  • B84144B****S120 with busbars, standard performance
  • B84144B****S121 with busbars, extended performance
  • VR: 440 ... 530 V AC
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Converter chokes

  • Line reactors
  • dv/dt chokes
  • DC chokes
  • VR: 520 ... 760 V AC