November 2010

Best R&D and innovation award from Siemens

“Outstanding technical support and innovativeness!”

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Siemens I DT Motion Control has honored EPCOS with its Best R&D and Innovation Award. The principal reasons behind this decision were the company’s outstanding performance in the sector of aluminum electrolytic and film capacitors for use in industrial frequency converters. EPCOS also received an award from Siemens I DT Motion Control in Congleton, Great Britain, for its outstanding performance in quality, service, logistics and technology competence.

Fast realization of application-specific demands

Siemens I DT Motion Control is among the leading global suppliers of solutions for electrical drive technology. These include converters for machines and industrial applications in the power classes between 100 watts and 10 megawatts.

Dr. Eric Baudelot, Head of Hardware Development for Power Electronics at Siemens I DT Motion Control, stressed: “I particularly appreciate the outstanding technical support as well as the innovativeness of the EPCOS development teams at the Heidenheim and Málaga plants.” He also praised the fact that application-specific demands could be implemented within a short time. Thus the introduction of innovative and exceptionally powerful product series led to fewer capacitors in the converters.

Aluminum electrolytic capacitors are key components for frequency converters: they are being continuously developed by TDK-EPC and have already been supplied to Siemens for several decades.

Aluminum electrolytic capacitors for demanding applications

In addition to a continuously improved range of aluminum electrolytic capacitors for converters, TDK-EPC also offers special types for power supplies and medical technology applications. These capacitors, in screw-terminal and snap-in versions, are characterized by a long operating life and high temperature stability as well as their strong ripple current capability. Customer- and application-specific variants with low ESR and ESL values are also being developed. Highlights of the R&D activities of EPCOS in the sector of aluminum electrolytic capacitors include low-inductance types with a very low ESL value of only 10 nH. Thanks to their low self-inductance, no voltage peaks occur despite the steep switching edges of modern converters, thus minimizing outlays for the protective circuits of the power emiconductors. Additional advantages of these capacitors are their low flammability and self-extinguishing electrolytes.

Thanks to their high quality, these capacitors are also used in the DC link for regenerative energy systems. Leading manufacturers of converters for solar generators and wind turbines consequently both opt for these rugged components.

Other product families also receive the award

In addition, the film capacitors and EMC filters from EPCOS also satisfy the high requirements of Siemens. The competent advice and outstanding service offered for these products, in addition to the quality, were decisive for receiving the Best R&D and Innovation Award. EPCOS had already received the Logistics Award from Siemens last year.

Figure: Outstanding current capability
High ripple current capability is an important factor for all frequency converter architectures. Shown in the diagram is the relative ripple current capability of the new B43501 snap-in aluminum electrolytic capacitors.