September 2011

Center of competence for surge arresters

10 years in Johore Bahru

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The manufacturing site in Johore Bahru, Malaysia, is celebrating its first decade of operations. During this period, the plant, which is located on the Malaysian Peninsula near Singapore, has developed into the headquarters of the Surge Arresters Business Unit of the Business Group Piezo and Protection Devices. TDK-EPC manages its global business for EPCOS surge arresters and switching spark gaps from Johore Bahru. While surge arresters protect electronic equipment against overvoltage, switching spark gaps are used to ignite xenon lamps in car headlamps, for example. In these fields, TDK-EPC is the global market leader by a considerable distance. Both product groups are manufactured in Johore Bahru.

100 million components a year

The Johore Bahru plant reliably meets the very strict quality requirements placed on the products for high volumes. The annual production capacity of the over 5000 m² facility totals about

100 million components. Production is highly automated with the most advanced equipment and machines and is certified to the ISO/TS 16949 standard, among others. In Johore Bahru, R&D, production, and logistics are all grouped together under the same roof. Production of copper electrodes was added in 2007, followed a year later by a fully automated electroplating line for the tin-plating of surfaces. Thus, the facility possesses all the necessary competencies for surge arresters and switching spark gaps.

Johore Bahru Plant


  • 2-electrode arresters

  • 3-electrode arresters (T series)
  • Switching spark gaps (FS, SSG, Automotive, Projector)


  • ISO 9001

  • ISO/TS 16949

  • ISO 14001



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