May 2012

Components for low-emission engines

100 millionth EPCOS piezo actuator shipped

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The EPCOS plant in Deutschlandsberg shipped the 100 millionth piezo actuator in May. These components are the core of the piezo injection systems that, in diesel and gasoline engines, are instrumental in helping to reduce fuel consumption and ease the burden on the environment. Piezo actuators are manufactured in Deutschlandsberg/Austria and Kutina/Croatia.

The first prototypes for piezo components were unveiled as far back as 1995. Volume production in Deutschlandsberg began in 2000. Having thus played a part in pioneering the development of piezo actuators, EPCOS is now the global market leader. Around the world, about 20 million vehicles are currently equipped with piezo actuators from EPCOS.

To maintain its position as a key supplier to an industry as demanding as automotive electronics, EPCOS continually invests in research and development. In Deutschlandsberg alone, about 200 engineers are committed to tasks such as refining and improving piezo actuators, which are already highly efficient. The ability to replace noble metals with base metals has provided a substantial cost advantage: EPCOS has now developed actuators whose electrodes are made of copper instead of far more expensive palladium. At the same time, the new actuators have a significantly longer service life, bringing them into line with the lifecycle demands placed on components for use in commercial vehicles. Only this extended durability enables the actuators to deliver the necessary reliability for up to two million kilometers.

Piezo actuators being manufactured in Deutschlandsberg