March 2013

China’s Annual Creativity in Electronics Awards

CeraLink voted passive component of the year in China

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The new TDK CeraLink™ capacitor was selected this year’s High-Performance Component of the Year in China’s prestigious Annual Creativity in Electronics (ACE) Awards. The ACE awards are conducted by EE Times China and ESM China, two of the country’s leading electronics publications, and honor the technologies, companies and people that shape innovative electronics design in mainland China. The winners were determined in online voting by a record number of readers.



TDK CeraLink™ capacitor family

CeraLink™ is an innovative DC link capacitor for frequency converters that is based on a PLZT ceramic material (lead lanthanum zirconate titanate) and can be produced with several commonly available terminal configurations. The new capacitors offer many benefits in the stabilization and filtering of DC link circuits of power converters, especially converters for industrial and automotive electronics that use fast-switching MOSFETS or IGBTs.

High temperature stability of PLZT

The properties of the PLZT material system are superior to those of existing capacitor technologies at high temperatures.

The CeraLink™ covers a capacitance range from 1 µF to 100 µF with a rated voltage of 400 V DC. A further type features a rated voltage of 800 V DC and a capacitance of 5 µF. Thanks to their low ESL value of less than 4 nH as well as their low ESR of less than 4 mΩ, these new capacitors are ideally suited for applications with rapid rise times and high switching frequencies. CeraLink™ is designed for temperatures between -40 °C and +125 °C (also up to +150 °C for short periods), and is thus suitable for SiC-based power modules as well. Compared to conventional MLCCs, CeraLink™ features a positive DC bias. Another benefit of the new capacitor is the very compact dimensions. Depending on the type, they range between 6.84 x 7.85 x 2.65 mm³ and 52.5 x 30.5 x 10.5 mm³.



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