January 2009


Huawei commends quality and competence

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Huawei Technologies has once again honored EPCOS China as one of its best suppliers. The Core Supplier Award 2008 was presented for excellent performance on product and service quality, technological competence, sales and pricing.

"This is a very important distinction for EPCOS. Huawei is our biggest customer in China," says Michael Pocsatko, head of of  EPCOS Greater China. EPCOS supplies the Shenzhen-based telecom equipment manufacturer with surge arresters, film capacitors, thermistors, transformers and varistors, plus a series of SAW filters for use in mobile communication applications.

Huawei currently has nearly 90,000 people on its payroll and generates annual sales of more than USD 23 billion. EPCOS received Huawei's Core Supplier Award in each of the past two years.