December 2011

Best New Development Support Award

Innovativeness honored by Godrej

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Godrej Consumer Products Ltd., India’s leading manufacturer of household insecticide products, presented EPCOS, a member of TDK-EPC Corporation, with the Best New Development Support Award 2011 for outstanding support in the development of competitive products. Godrej, which is headquartered in Mumbai, sources various PTC heating elements exclusively from TDK-EPC for use in the Godrej Good Knight brand of mosquito repellers.

These small electronic devices with a liquid container are plugged into a regular socket. EPCOS PTC elements heat the liquid repellent, causing it to evaporate and dissipate throughout the room. The EPCOS heating elements, which are manufactured at Šumperk in the Czech Republic, are self-regulating, meaning that they do not constitute a fire risk when the repellent runs dry. Among the innovations introduced for Godrej are PTC heating disks whose volume has been reduced by approximately 60 percent.

EPCOS has been recognized by Godrej repeatedly for its outstanding achievements in terms of quality, reliability and customer service. Over the past three years, for example, there has not been a single complaint for the more than 100 million PTC heating elements supplied to Godrej.



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