May 2010


Quality certified by Ford

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US car-maker Ford has given EPCOS' facility in Batam/ Indonesia its Q1 plaque. Only two years after the ground was broken for the new plant, this honor comes as compelling evidence that the factory meets all the standards and quality criteria that the world's fourth-largest car manufacturer demands of its suppliers.

Ford's Q1 seal covers a package of measures whose aim is to ensure the highest standard of product quality. It includes certified local processes, consistently on-time and correct delivery, and systematic employee development. Ford conducted repeated quality and logistical audits over a number of years before identifying EPCOS Indonesia as one of its top suppliers.

"The reward for continuously improved quality is the recognition that the supplier’s facility that is the best in the business," stresses Tony Brown, Deputy Director Global Purchasing at Ford. "The symbol of this excellence is the Q1 flag that is flown proudly over the best facilities in the world."

Strategic partners

EPCOS currently supplies temperature sensors to regulate the air-conditioning in Ford's European models. In future, these sensors will also be provided for vehicles bound for the US market.

Q1 certification gives EPCOS a major advantage when applying for future sensor projects at Ford. Volume deployment of new products such as sensors with rapid response times can be planned in collaboration with Ford, allowing products to be aligned with the carmaker's systems early in the development process.