October 2006

Power factor correction

Economical capacitor contactors

EPCOS now offers a new series of capacitor contactors that are specifically suited to detuned PFC systems. They do not require precharge resistors, whose function is already satisfied by the filter circuit reactor.


The B44066S****N230 series thus allows detuned PFC systems to be equipped with more cost-effective contactors than before. The contactors of all series are equipped with a single auxiliary contact.


The capacitor contactors of the B44066S****J230/J110 series, which have already been tried and tested for many years, have precharge resistors of the kind required in systems without reactors. These contactors from EPCOS offer the following customer benefits:


  • Excellent damping of high inrush currents,
  • Avoidance of transients,
  • Extended operating life of the capacitor and the entire PFC system thanks to optimized switching behavior,
  • Reduced ohmic losses and
  • Resistors are fully protected, also from shock hazards.



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