FilmCap Service Life Calculation

The new browser-based tool enables users to calculate the service life for selected film capacitors under assumed operating conditions. It covers the B3276* and B3277* series of EPCOS film capacitors for the DC links of inverters - altogether some 250 standard types of the current product range. FilmCap Calculation offers a smart search option, which lets users enter the key load parameters of their application in order to find suitable types. By double-clicking a capacitor in the list it is easy to start the calculation for this specific type. Besides smart search option capacitors can be selected by series or ordering code.


  • Selection of film capacitors for the calculation by smart search option, series or ordering code

  • Calculation of service life for about 250 standard types of film capacitors of the B3276* and B3277* series under assumed operating conditions

  • Links to data sheets

  • Print-out of calculation results

  • Help file


The tool is currently being revised and will be accessible online again soon.