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PQSine active harmonic filters

Clean power for office towers

Cutting-edge active power conditioning solutions based on the EPCOS PQSine S series of active harmonic filters help skyscrapers and large commercial buildings eliminate potential power quality issues. 

December 2017
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CeraPad – Substrate with integrated ESD protection

The printed circuit board has long since been more than just a carrier material and redistribution layer for components. A growing number of functions are now being embedded directly into the circuit board. With CeraPad™, TDK has now succeeded in developing an ultra-thin ceramic substrate with integrated ESD protection, specifically for LEDs.

September 2017
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TDK expands sensor business

Extensive sensor competence from a single source

A growing number of physical properties must be detected and measured by an increasing number of sensors with ever greater precision. Across all industries, the demand for sensor technologies is rising accordingly. TDK offers a wide range of innovative solutions.

May 2017
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Reference design

Maximum efficiency for inverters

TDK has joined forces with Infineon Technologies to develop a design for xEV inverters that achieves a very high efficiency of over 98 percent over a power range of 10 kW to 150 kW. This success has been achieved by matching of the Infineon IGBT module and the EPCOS and TDK passive components.

March 2017
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Overvoltage protection

Essential protection

Smart building and smart home applications such as intelligent thermostats, access controls and burglar alarms are becoming more widely established as a standard in building management. Of these applications, fire alarm systems are especially important, because people's lives and property depend on them. TDK offers a series of EPCOS components that are crucial to the reliability of fire alarm systems. Particular importance is attached to solutions for overvoltage protection.

March 2017
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Automotive electronics

Well equipped for 48 volts

Some attractive advantages are offered by 48-volt technology for vehicles: It helps to reduce overall fuel consumption, reduces the environmental impact and can even improve engine performance. The central component for this technology is a powerful buck-boost converter, for which TDK offers the key passive components.

December 2016
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PTC thermistors for inrush current limiting

Always on the safe side

At high temperatures and currents PTC thermistors offer reliable protection as inrush current limiters (ICLs) in power supplies - even in case of short circuits.

August 2016
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SMD-PTCs for thermal monitoring

All hot spots under control

TDK's portfolio of EPCOS PTC thermistors features a series that is particularly suited for the thermal management of IT equipment. This Superior Series is available for various response temperatures.

July 2016
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Thermal management of semiconductors

Power semiconductors are the workhorses of the electronics world. Their thermal management is crucial to the operational reliability and service life of the components. For this purpose, TDK offers a wide range of EPCOS NTC and PTC thermistors that enable reliable temperature monitoring.

May 2016
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EMC filters

Interference-free converter output

EMC problems in frequency converters occur not only at the input, but also at the output. To ensure reliable elimination of any kind of interference at the output as well, TDK offers a wide range of EPCOS filters and reactors.

March 2016
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Reference design for inverters

First integrated solution for e-mobility and industry

Infineon Technologies has joined forces with TDK to develop an integrated solution for inverters to be used in e-mobility powertrains and industrial applications. The design enables developers to test and implement drive concepts quickly and easily.

March 2016
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Power capacitors for the DC link

CeraLink enables compact and flexible high-performance inverters

A new traction inverter developed by Scienlab electronic systems features a compact and lightweight design with a high power density. It can be adapted flexibly to a wide spectrum of needs and is well-suited for use in a growing range of electric vehicles. The new inverter was made possible by the use of CeraLink™ capacitors in the DC link.

October 2015
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Components for power supplies

Everything for capacitive power supplies from a single source

Designs based on capacitive topologies are particularly suitable for power supplies in the milliwatt range. They are simple, compact and economical. In addition to the capacitors – and therefore the key components – TDK offers almost all the other passive components for these designs.

October 2015
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EMC components

Innovative filter solutions for e-mobility

As cars are equipped with more and more electronic systems, so the demands on EMC increase. This applies in particular to electric vehicles (xEVs) with their additional power electronics for the motor inverters. An elegant and weight-saving solution to the resulting EMC problems is offered by new filter solutions from TDK.

July 2015
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Active harmonic filters

Improved power quality and reduced harmonics

An increasing number of loads are non-linear, introducing harmonics into the power grid and thus significantly impairing the power quality. EPCOS PQSine™ is an active harmonic filter that effectively reduces the unwanted harmonics.

May 2015
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EMC components

Eliminating earth leakage currents and significantly improving EMC

In converter-based drive systems, the individual components cause earth leakage currents, the aggregate of which can trip the RCD. By using the LeaXield™ add-on module, not only can these earth leakage currents be eliminated, but the EMC performance of the system can also be improved.

March 2015
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SMD pulse transformer for LAN connectors

Space-saving, made-for-manufacture design

Compact TDK LAN pulse transformers enable pulse transformer modules small enough to fit in a standard RJ-45 LAN connector. The SMD components are designed for fully automated manufacturing processes and offer outstanding performance.

November 2014
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CeraPlas™ piezo plasma generator

Cold plasma from a single component

Cold atmospheric pressure plasma promises decisive benefits in a wide range of industrial and healthcare applications. With the new CeraPlas™, TDK offers a plasma generating component that is more compact, easier to integrate, and more efficient than conventional plasma generating technologies.

October 2014
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Protection components for LED lighting systems

All-round ESD and heat protection

LED lighting systems require ESD and overtemperature protection if they are to live up to their potential in terms of lifetime, maintenance costs and reliability. EPCOS protection components provide effective and cost-efficient protection for the LED arrays, their power supplies and control circuits.

August 2014
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Piezo actuators for fuel injection systems

Most reliable and cost-efficient

TDK presents third generation EPCOS piezo actuators with copper electrodes. They are distinguished by their compact volume, long service life and reliability as well as extreme temperature tolerance.

July 2014

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