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Reference design

Maximum efficiency for inverters

TDK has joined forces with Infineon Technologies to develop a design for xEV inverters that achieves a very high efficiency of over 98 percent over a power range of 10 kW to 150 kW. This success has been achieved by matching of the Infineon IGBT module and the EPCOS and TDK passive components.

March 2017
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Automotive electronics

Well equipped for 48 volts

Some attractive advantages are offered by 48-volt technology for vehicles: It helps to reduce overall fuel consumption, reduces the environmental impact and can even improve engine performance. The central component for this technology is a powerful buck-boost converter, for which TDK offers the key passive components.

December 2016
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Reference design for inverters

First integrated solution for e-mobility and industry

Infineon Technologies has joined forces with TDK to develop an integrated solution for inverters to be used in e-mobility powertrains and industrial applications. The design enables developers to test and implement drive concepts quickly and easily.

March 2016
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EMC components

Innovative filter solutions for e-mobility

As cars are equipped with more and more electronic systems, so the demands on EMC increase. This applies in particular to electric vehicles (xEVs) with their additional power electronics for the motor inverters. An elegant and weight-saving solution to the resulting EMC problems is offered by new filter solutions from TDK.

July 2015
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SMD pulse transformer for LAN connectors

Space-saving, made-for-manufacture design

Compact TDK LAN pulse transformers enable pulse transformer modules small enough to fit in a standard RJ-45 LAN connector. The SMD components are designed for fully automated manufacturing processes and offer outstanding performance.

November 2014
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Chip beads for high-frequency noise suppression in smartphones

Effective EMC solution with a single component

Smartphones support more bands and operate at ever higher frequencies up to several GHz. For this purpose, TDK’s series of MMZ multilayer chip beads enables effective noise suppression over a wide frequency range with a single miniaturized component.

May 2014
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Multilayer ceramic inductors for smartphones

High Q in a flat package

TDK has developed a new series of multilayer ceramic inductors designed especially for RF circuits in smartphones and tablets. They are characterized by their high degree of miniaturization and extremely high Q factors.

May 2014
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Wireless charging for mobile devices and electric vehicles

Thin and efficient power transmission

Smartphones and other mobile devices feature an increasing range of functions that support people in their lives. TDK offers a broad portfolio of Tx and Rx coil units that are designed to satisfy growing user demand for easy and frequent charging.

April 2014
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Common-mode chokes for automotive Ethernet

EMI suppression in the fast lane

Ethernet is becoming the networking protocol of choice for high-speed multimedia infotainment in cars. TDK common-mode chokes for automotive bus systems such as CAN, FlexRay, and Ethernet offer the best noise suppression and are the world’s smallest.

April 2014
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Power inductors for advanced engine management

Built tough for high temperatures

New power inductors can withstand strong vibrations and high temperatures up to 150 °C and are suited for the power supplies of automotive engine control modules.

January 2014
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Multilayer ferrite coils for decoupling circuits

High current capability in a small package

Multilayer ferrite coils from the TDK MLZ-H series offer the high current capability required in the decoupling circuits of electronic devices such as digital cameras, video cameras and notebook PCs.

May 2012
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Solutions for on-board chargers

All charged up

EPCOS and TDK components perform key functions in the Finepower’s on-board chargers for electric vehicles. They include inductors, transformers, capacitors and protective components.

May 2012
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Advanced ferrite material for photovoltaic systems

Nearly loss-less

The new TDK PE90 ferrite minimizes reactor losses in the step-up chopper and smoothing circuits of inverters for photovoltaic systems, thus enabling decisive increases in conversion efficiency.

October 2011
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Ferrite material N95 boosts the efficiency of power supplies

Minimizing losses

The new ferrite material N95 for power transformers makes power supplies more efficient. This applies particularly to operation under fractional loads for PC and server applications.

October 2009
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Components for induction cookers

Energy efficiency in the kitchen

Induction cookers are extremely energy efficient. EPCOS supplies a full range of components, including film capacitors, chokes, transformers, thermistors and varistors.

April 2008