SAW components
  • CDMA/WCDMA duplexers
  • GSM filters
  • WLAN and bluetooth filters
  • Frontend band reject filter and bandpass filter for mobile TV
  • For base stations

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IF filters

  • Low insertion attenuation
  • Low amplitude ripple and group delay ripple
  • Very steep skirts offering high near-by selectivity
  • Unbalanced or balanced operation possible

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Clean-up B5217
GSM-Rx B5216
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RF filters

  • Very low insertion loss
  • Low amplitude ripple
  • No matching network required at 50 Ω
  • Unbalanced or balanced operation possible

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CDMA 450 B5061
CDMA Cellular B5008
GSM 1800 B4142
GSM 850 B4180
GSM 900 B4130
TD-LTE B5133
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RF filter in CSSP3 package

  • Suitable for ISDBT 1-seg (AF10)
  • Suitable for DVB-H, SBTVD, UHF-band (B39***B8745*)
  • Suitable for DVB-H/T (B39901B8746P810, LX38)
  • Suitable for SBTVD, UHF-band (B39***B8743*)
  • Suitable for T-DMB (B39152B8755M410)
  • Suitable for DVB-SH (B39***B8757*)
  • Mobile TV standard (all)

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DVB-T VHF and UHF band B8746
SBTVD UHF-band B8743