SAW components
  • CDMA/WCDMA duplexers
  • GSM filters
  • WLAN and bluetooth filters
  • Frontend band reject filter and bandpass filter for mobile TV
  • For base stations

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  • 50 Ω unbalanced ports
    (B7697, B8550, B7950, B7699, LJ37, B7669, LU35, LS57, B7675, B7678)
  • 100 Ω balanced Rx port (B7965, B8558, B7955, B8078, B7968, B8088, B7959, B8563, B7671, B8553, B7966, B8089, B7953, B8072, B7677, A155, B7924, B8566, B7679, B8091)

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Rx single filters

  • 50 Ω unbalanced ports (B9858, B9857)
  • 50/100 Ω unbalanced/balanced ports
    (B9405, B9448, B9422)
  • 50/150 Ω unbalanced/balanced ports
    (B39941B9401K610, B9853, B39182B9402K610, B9855, B39202B9403K610, B9854, B9400, B9851)

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