Data Books

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Data Book


  • Transponder coils, SMT inductors, SMT power inductors, data and signal line chokes, power line chokes, transformers as well as DC/DC converters
  • Notes on our EMC services
  • General technical information, terms and definitions

Edition 10.08, 728 pages, English

Product Briefs

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Product Brief

Power Line Chokes

  • Presentation of common-mode chokes, current-compensated chokes and line filters
  • Technical data

Edition 02.15, 4 pages, English

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Product Brief

High-Current Chokes

  • Presentation of current-compensated common-mode chokes like double-, triple- and quadruple chokes
  • Features, derating curve and selection guide
  • Technical data and ordering codes

Edition 2015, 2 pages, English