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Data Book

Ferrites and Accessories

  • RM, PQ-, PM, EP, EPX, EPO, P, E, ELP, EQ, ER, ER planar, ETD, EFD, EV, U and UI cores, P core halves, ring and double-aperture cores, ferrit polymer composites, ferrite materials, accessories
  • Ferrite materials for inductors for resonant circuits, line anttenuation and filters, broadband transformers and EMC applications, power transformers and chokes as well as inductive proximity switches
  • Application and processing notes
  • General technical information, terms and definitions

Product Catalog Ferrites

Edition 01.17, 687 pages, English

Product Profiles

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Product Profile

Impeder Cores
For High Frequency Welding

  • Impeder cores are an essential accessory for welding tubes and pipes using high frequency waveguide heating. They concentrate the magnetic flux generated by the work coil into the area of the pipe joint. Consequently, using impeder cores greatly increases the efficiency of the welding process.
  • The new product profile covers a wide range of core types and sizes as well as the new IPH2 impeder material. The advantages of IPH2 are lower reluctance, lower losses at the application temperature and a wider frequency range compared with IPH.

Edition 12.17, 20 pages, English

Product Briefs

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Product Brief

Ferrites and Accessories
Distributed Air Gaps in Ferrite Cores – E, EQ, ER, ETD, PM, PQ Cores

Single air gaps are a common technique to delay the core saturation and to increase the power handling capability. However, a single large air gap leads to a high fringing flux effect.

  • EPCOS offers a core manufacturing technique of distributed air gaps that significantly reduces the fringing flux effect in order to reduce electromagnetic emissions and heating.
  • This technical solution is available or may be manufactured for E, EQ, ER, ETD, PM and PQ cores
  • Distributed air gaps are used in the design of power chokes and flyback converters.
  • EPCOS is the first manufacturer of ferrite cores with distributed air gaps to provide the marketplace with an economical solution focussing on higher efficiency and downsizing.

Edition 05.18, 4 pages, English


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