Ferrite Magnetic Design Tool

The tool allows application-related parameters to be calculated for all available EPCOS ferrites and provides access to their digitized material data including their graphical representation. In its new version 5.2 the tool enables users to define the parameters for their own cores and use them in the calculation. The user manual of the tool contains a detailed description of all functions. The tool can now be run under Windows 7, in addition to Windows XP and Vista.


The ferrite materials in the database include N45, T36 and T66 for broadband transformers as well as N51and N95 for power transformers. Materials N88, N96 and PC47 for medium- and high-frequency switch-mode power supplies have been added. Among the features of the current version are:


  • Simulations based on user-defined core parameters
  • Database expanded to include Steinmetz coefficients for power losses
  • Display of complex permeability and impedance as a function of frequency
  • Transmittable power adjusted for skin and proximity effects (from the wire calculation menu)
  • Calculation of the distortion factor (third harmonic) under specific circuit conditions at various temperatures
  • Calculation of core loss as a function of signal form
  • Specification of wire thickness as per AWG
  • Performance factor added for materials N95 and N51


To support design-ins you will find the data sheets for all materials by applications under www.epcos.com/ferrite_materials.


Download Program [10.0 MB]