March 19, 2009

Ad hoc announcement in accordance with Section 15 WpHG (Securities Trading Act)EPCOS AG: TDK Corporation determines cash compensation for squeeze out at EPCOS AG

The principal shareholder of EPCOS AG, TDK Corporation, Tokyo, Japan, today informed the Management Board of EPCOS AG that it has set the amount of the cash compensation to be paid for the transfer of the shares held by the minority shareholders of EPCOS AG to TDK Corporation as principal shareholder pursuant to sec. 327a Stock Corporation Act (AktG) (so-called “squeeze out”) at an amount of EUR 18.14 per non-par value registered share with a calculated amount in the share capital of EUR 1.00.

A resolution on the squeeze out is to be passed at the ordinary general meeting of EPCOS AG scheduled for May 20, 2009.

Munich, March 19, 2009

The Management Board