November 1, 2008

Aluminum electrolytic capacitors: Rugged axial version for automotive electronics

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EPCOS has developed a new series of particularly rugged and simultaneously compact axial capacitors for automotive electronics with a high CV product. Thanks to their improved mechanical design, they can – with suitable mounting – be used in environments with shock and vibration stresses of up to 40 g. They are designed for continuous operation at up to 140 °C. Compared to previous series, their ripple current capability was increased by up to 50 percent with a simultaneous significant reduction in ESR. This advance was realized by an innovative design in conjunction with new materials that have already proved themselves in manifold ways in automotive applications thanks to their high reliability and ruggedness.

The capacitors are available with voltages of between 25 and 63 V DC, thus covering capacitance values from 300 to 10 000 µF. Depending on voltage and capacitance, their dimensions are between 12 mm x 30 mm (D x L) and 21 mm x 49 mm. They are offered in both axial (B41690*) and solder-star (B41790*) versions.

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