July 21, 2009

Award: Honored by Delphi

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US automobile supplier Delphi has confirmed the status of EPCOS as one of its best suppliers by presenting the company with the Pinnacle Award 2009. It honors the outstanding performance of EPCOS, especially in product quality, according to the verdict of the awarding committee.

Lilian Ong, Global Category Manager at Delphi, said at the awards ceremony that EPCOS could be proud of the honors: Delphi presented an award to only 56 out of about 4000 suppliers. These included no more than five manufacturers of electronic components. EPCOS had already received the Pinnacle Award for the year 2006.

Partnership and environmental awareness

In addition to high product quality, Delphi considers a whole series of additional factors when deciding on the prizewinners. They include a successful partnership over many years as well as the competence to solve problems quickly and efficiently. The evaluation also covers environmentally friendly manufacturing processes and products.

EPCOS supplies Delphi with a range of products including SAW filters for satellite radios, keyless entry and navigation systems, as well as aluminum electrolytic and film capacitors, inductors, ceramic components and sensors.

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