August 3, 2009

Award: Honored by Godrej Sara Lee

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EPCOS has received Godrej Sara Lee's Star Vendor Award 2009 for outstanding achievements in terms of quality, reliability and customer service. The company, which is headquartered in Mumbai, sources various ceramic PTC heating elements exclusively from EPCOS for use in its mosquito repellent devices.

Godrej Sara Lee, a joint venture owned by Godrej India and the US-based Sara Lee Corporation is the world’s largest manufacturer of household insecticide products. Its Good Knight brand was launched in 1984 – and is the leading product on the Indian market today.

Protecting children against malaria

The company's products repel mosquitoes simply and efficiently. A small electronic device with a liquid container is plugged into a regular socket. Heating elements from EPCOS heat the liquid to around 100 °C, causing it to evaporate and dissipate throughout the room. The odor-free substances are completely harmless to humans, but mosquitoes stay well away. The idea is to keep children in particular from being infected with malaria. Godrej Sara Lee's products only use heating elements from EPCOS, which are manufactured at Šumperk in the Czech Republic. Because the heating elements are self-regulating, they do not constitute a fire risk in the event of dried-out equipment.

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