October 8, 2008

CeraDiode®: ESD protection for high-speed data lines

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EPCOS now offers CeraDiodes in 0402 and 0603 case sizes. They are distinguished by extremely low capacitances with typical values of 0.6 pF. This makes them suitable for the ESD protection of high-speed data lines such as USB, Ethernet, Firewire, eSATA and HDMI.

Case sizes 0402 and 0603 correspond to Zener and TVS diode case sizes SOD-723 and SOD-523 and can thus replace the semiconductor solutions 1:1. Apart from cost benefits, they also offer an extremely fast response time of less than 0.5 ns. In addition, CeraDiodes exhibit no temperature derating up to an operating temperature of 85 °C.

The response voltage of these components is 5.6 V DC. Types CDS2C05HDMI1 (0402) and CDS3C05HDMI (0603) pass the HDMI 1.3 compliance test..

Further information on this product can be found at www.epcos.com/ceradiode

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