March 27, 2008

EMC filters: Cost-saving SineFormer series extended

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The successful SineFormer™ EMC output filters has been extended by a series designed for applications up to a rated voltage of 760 V. The new B84143V*R290 spectrum of filters is available in current stages of 95 A,

180 A and 320 A. Versions for 600 A and 1000 A are in preparation. Depending on the type, the new SineFormer EMC filters are operated at clock frequencies from 2.5 kHz.

SineFormer technology means that shielded motor leads are unnecessary. Through the use of SineFormer system costs are therefore less than in designs with shielded leads from a lead length of less than 100 m. Moreover, SineFormer helps to significantly reduce bearing currents, thus extending motor life. This allows maintenance costs to be lowered as well.

If systems employ conventional sine-wave filters, their replacement with SineFormer filters results in cost savings beginning already at motor lead lengths of about 25 m. To this must be added the significant technical benefits of the SineFormer technology such as the IP 20 case, the reduction of motor noise and the fact that no feedback to the DC link circuit is required.

SineFormer EMC filters are suitable in applications that use long shielded motor leads. Typical examples include crane installations, pumps, HVAC, or the retrofitting of existing equipment for converter operation.

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