July 2, 2009

Film capacitors: Data Book 2009

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EPCOS presents its broad spectrum of film capacitors in a new data book. The current portfolio of MKT, MKP, MFP and EMI capacitors are described in detail over 460 pages. In addition to the general technical specifications, the data book contains information on marking, packing, mounting, quality and environment.

Highlights of the new data book are the X2 capacitors of the B3292*E/F* series with high capacitance values of up to 45 µF for especially demanding filtering requirements. The new MKP capacitors have also been included in the data book. They feature very low ESR and ESL values and high current capabilities for DC link applications in frequency converters.


  • Metallized film capacitors MKT, MKP and MFP, EMI supression capacitors MKT and MKP
  • Overview of typical applications
  • General technical information, terms and definitions

The data book is available in English and can be ordered online with the ordering code EPC:60010-7600 at www.epcos.com/publications.

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