January 25, 2008

Inductors: High-current series extended to 71 A

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With its new standard ERU25 series, EPCOS now offers high-current chokes in surface-mount technology with current capabilities of up to 71 A. The ERU25 is based on improved ferrite cores and the flat rectangular wires that allow a copper filling factor of almost 100 percent. The low core losses and compact terminal areas of the self-supporting winding mean an excellent energy storage density. Despite its high performance, the component has a footprint of only 23.5 x 25.3 mm2. Its insertion heights vary between 8.95 and 12.85 mm, depending on the type. Its inductance values cover the range from 0.44 to 10 µH, and its permissible rated currents are between 24 and 71 A for series resistances of 0.2 to 2.2 mΩ.

The new series is well suited to high-current low-voltage DC/DC converters, distributed power supplies as well as intermediate bus converters in ¼-inch, ½-inch and full-bridge versions for telecommunications and industrial electronics applications.

Further information on the products presented here will be found at www.epcos.com/smt_inductors

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