July 26, 2012

Klaus Ziegler ends his successful career

  • Dr. Werner Faber elected new Chairman of EPCOS Supervisory Board
  • Klaus Ziegler, an exceptional electronics industry leader, is going into retirement after six decades in the service of EPCOS and its predecessor companies

The Annual General Meeting of EPCOS AG, a TDK group company, has elected Dr. Werner Faber and Mr. Noboru Saito as new members of the EPCOS Supervisory Board with immediate effect. Dr. Faber (63) was most recently Chief Operations Officer on the EPCOS Management Board and was also responsible there for the Technology & Quality Department. Noboru Saito (45) is a Corporate Officer of TDK Corporation und Deputy General Manager of TDK Electronic Components Sales & Marketing Group. He has many years of experience in the electronic components industry, particularly in Europe, where he occupied various posts, most recently that of President at TDK Electronics Europe GmbH based in Duesseldorf.

New Chairman of the Supervisory Board

Following the Annual General Meeting, Dr. Werner Faber was elected new Chairman of the Supervisory Board at the constitutive meeting of the EPCOS Supervisory Board. He thus succeeds Klaus Ziegler (77) who went into retirement at the end of the Annual General Meeting.

"Klaus Ziegler’s standards, his identification with the company and his convictions are the guiding principle for our operations,“ said the new Chairman of the EPCOS Supervisory Board, Dr. Werner Faber. "Mr. Ziegler is fully deserving of our greatest respect and immense gratitude for his tireless dedication for the success of EPCOS and its predecessor companies over a period spanning six decades," added Joachim Zichlarz, Speaker of the EPCOS Management Board. "On behalf of the entire company and its employees we wish him all the very best for the future!“

Klaus Ziegler ends his exceptional and successful career

The departure of Klaus Ziegler from the EPCOS Supervisory Board marks the end of an extraordinary career that began with a commercial apprenticeship at the Siemens-Schuckert-Werke in Nuremberg in 1951. Mr. Ziegler went on to work here as a sales manager before moving to Madrid with Siemens Spain in 1959. There he served as head of the Organization Department and quickly rose to the rank of sales manager for volume-produced brands. Having spent nine years in Spain, Mr. Ziegler moved to Siemens India in Bombay (now Mumbai), where he was swiftly promoted from commercial manager to the position of Managing Director. Seven years later, he returned to Siemens Spain in 1974, again taking up the post of Managing Director. In 1978, Klaus Ziegler came to Siemens AG in Munich, where he joined what was then the Components Division as head of Sales. Then, in 1988, he was appointed Chairman of the Board of Management of the Passive Components and Tubes Division. A year later, he also became Chief Executive Officer of Siemens Matsushita Components, a joint venture for whose launch he was largely responsible.

After 48 successful years at Siemens, yet another career highlight followed in 1999: the listing of EPCOS AG – the successor to Siemens Matsushita Components – on the German and American stock markets. Mr. Ziegler served as President and Chief Executive Officer of EPCOS AG until 2001, when he was elected Chairman of the Supervisory Board. It was also under his initiative and leadership that, in 2008, EPCOS was combined with the electronic components business of TDK to form the TDK-EPC Corporation.

"The integration of our businesses would not have been possible without Klaus Ziegler‘s enormous commitment,“ said Takehiro Kamigama, President and CEO of TDK Corporation. "I cannot express my appreciation enough. I wish him a peaceful and energetic second life."