December 17, 2008

Multilayer ceramic capacitors: ESD-resistant version

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The multilayer ceramic capacitors of the new E-series from EPCOS are highly rugged components. They are based on the X7R material and are significantly more resistant to ESD pulses than standard types.

Thanks to an optimized selection of material and design, the E-series is additionally characterized by low capacitance values of down to 1 nF. It consequently offers protection from electromagnetic interference (EMI) up to 300 MHz. Its low capacitance means that it can also be used to implement ESD-resistant low-pass filters.

E-series capacitors are offered in sizes 0603 and 0805 with capacitances from 1 to 10 nF and voltages of between 50 and 100 V. Typical ESD levels are 18 kV (0603 10 nF), 9 kV (0805 1 nF) and 25 kV (0805 10 nF) to AEC-Q200. The new capacitors are compatible with existing designs based on standard multilayer capacitors.

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