April 3, 2008

Power factor correction: New 100-kvar capacitor contactor

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The range of capacitor contactors of the B44066S*J230/N230 series has been extended by a 100-kvar version for PFC equipment with and without reactors. This means that a total of seven power stages are now available: 12.5, 20, 25, 33, 50, 75 and 100 kvar.

For the first time, a 100-kvar circuit can be implemented with only one contactor, obviating the need to connect two 50-kvar components as before. This allows better utilization of the space in the switching cabinet. In addition, the new contactor offers all the benefits of the previously available series: avoidance of transients, longer operating life of the capacitor and the whole PFC system thanks to optimized switching behavior, reduced resistive losses and good attenuation of high inrush currents.

The precharging resistors for attenuating the transients are integrated into the package in the new type, unlike in the lower-power versions. Two variants are available: B44066S9910J230 and B44066S9910N230. The latter is designed exclusively for applications with reactors.

Further information on this product can be found at www.epcos.com/pfc

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