April 16, 2009

Power factor correction: Power factor controller with added functions

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The new BR7000 series of power factor controllers from EPCOS has been developed with an extended range of functions. Among other features, these controllers offer 15 programmable relay outputs for connecting one or three-phase PFC capacitors. Another three relays are designed for alarm functions. Initialization is automatic. Navigation in the individual menus was simplified and an interactive help function was also integrated.

The controllers can be connected to a PC via an RS485 interface, making them easy to program and facilitating the readout of acquired data such as voltage, current and reactive, apparent and active power as well as other network parameters. The data can also be displayed graphically – the required software is included in the scope of delivery.

The new controllers with ordering code B44066R7415E230 are designed for an operating voltage of 110 to 230 V AC. The BR7000 needs less power than its predecessor versions: under 3 VA with 15 connected relays.

Power factor controllers are part of the extensive range of EPCOS products for power factor correction. In addition to capacitors and thyristor modules, the portfolio also comprises capacitor contactors, reactors and discharge resistors.

Further information on this topic can be found at www.epcos.com/pfc

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