September 23, 2008

Power factor correction: Thyristor module for 100 kvar

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EPCOS has extended its series of thyristor modules by the TSM-LC100 type. It is designed for capacitive loads up to 100 kvar at 400 V. Thanks to microprocessor control, the module adapts itself automatically to capacitor branches without reactors or with up to 14 percent detuning and can also handle 440 V applications with up to 7 percent detuning. The maintenance-free and silently operating semiconductor switches allow very short switching times of down to 5 ms. Active temperature-controlled cooling with an integrated fan assures sufficient heat dissipation.

Continuous self-monitoring of voltage and switching behavior increases its reliability. Thanks to its compact dimensions of 157 x 240 x 195 mm³, the TSM-LC100 can be incorporated into all switching cabinets in a space-saving way. Like other thyristor modules from EPCOS, the new type is directly compatible with the BR6000T dynamic PFC controller and the BR6000T6/R6 hybrid controller.

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