November 5, 2008

Pressure sensors: Compact, accurate and flexible

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With the new C32 series, EPCOS offers very compact, accurate and flexible pressure sensors in chip technology. Measuring just 1.6 x 1.6 mm2, they are designed for pressure ranges from 1 to 40 bar. This makes them suitable for applications in automotive, industrial and medical electronics where miniaturization plays a critical role.

The typical nonlinearity of the C32 sensors is only 0.3% FS. The chip also has high cyclic stability with drifts of only 0.1% FS under temperature stress. Thanks to these properties, the sensors are ideal basic elements for accurate and stable transmitter systems.

The chips are equipped with optimized bond pads which have spatially offset test-pad structures for wafer probers. Like the successful C28 and C29 series, the new miniaturized C32 variant allows glass prepackaging at chip level on both the top and bottom of the chip. The glass package on the underside allows low-stress processing of the chips with bond and adhesive techniques for absolute and differential pressure applications. The reference volume for absolute pressure measurements is formed by an additional glass substrate on the top side of the chip. These measurements are consequently also possible in non-aggressive liquids and gases.

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