February 12, 2009

PTC thermistors: Extended series for inrush current limiting

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EPCOS has extended its successful series of PTC inrush current limiters for power supplies. The new packaged PTC elements of the B5910XJ family have comparable electrical properties to their predecessor types, but their heat capacity has been increased from 2 J/K to 2.3 J/K. This means that fewer parallel-connected PTC resistors are needed to charge large link-circuit capacitors. The package design was also improved. The PTCs are designed for voltages of 260 V, 440 V and 560 V with rated resistances of 22 Ω, 56 Ω and

100 Ω.

Six new types of leaded PTC inrush current limiters with heat capacities of between 1.0 J/K and 1.4 J/K have been developed for small loads and few switching cycles.

Further information on this topic can be found at www.epcos.com/ptc_icl

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