March 5, 2009

PTC thermistors: Perfect fit for LED driver circuits

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EPCOS has developed a new series of PTC thermistors in the EIA 0603 case size specifically for LED driver circuits. Compared to conventional PTC limit temperature sensors they offer two decisive benefits: their rated resistance has a narrow tolerance of ±15 percent and their R/T characteristic is more exactly specified. This facilitates the design of LED driver circuits and at the same time enables the thermal management of LEDs to be improved. Thus, LEDs can be operated with almost the maximal permissible temperature-dependent current without having to use a driver IC with integrated temperature measurement.

The new B5960* series comprises four types with resistances of 110 Ω and 470 Ω and various R/T characteristics. The thermistors are designed for a maximum operating voltage of 32 V DC.

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