August 6, 2009

SAW components: 2-in-1 filter for GPS and Bluetooth

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EPCOS is driving the miniaturization of filters for connectivity applications forwards with its 2-in-1 filter for GPS and Bluetooth. The component has dimensions of only 2.0 x 1.6 mm² and has outstanding filter properties. The degree of integration has been increased at the same time, as the 2-in-1 filter also offers a diplexing function. The diplexer separates the GPS from the Bluetooth signal, a necessary step when using only a single antenna for both applications.

The combination of two filter functions plus diplexing in a single component not only saves space on the circuit board but also allows customers to reduce their placement and logistics costs. EPCOS develops such highly integrated filter solutions in close cooperation with leading chipset manufacturers for mobile phones.

In addition to GPS and Bluetooth, connectivity applications include WLAN, FM, DVB-T and WiMAX. They are playing an ever more important role for suppliers of mobile phone equipment, especially in the high-end segment that includes smart phones and MIDs (Mobile Internet Devices).

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