May 28, 2008

SAW Components: Steep broadband filter for cable modems

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EPCOS has now introduced the B1642 SAW filter for broadband TV and Internet access via cable modems. It has been developed specifically for the new international DOCSIS 3.0 standard (Data Over Cable Service Interface Specification), which will be used primarily in the USA and South Korea. This standard places particularly high demands on receivers and filters because several TV channels are bundled in a 100 MHz wide frequency band at a transmission rate of over 100 Mbit/s.

The required high bandwidth of the filter is implemented with the aid of an innovative design. This allows steep edges and a low temperature drift to be achieved despite its broadband capability. The B1642 offers additional important advantages thanks to its very low amplitude ripple over the entire useful band and simultaneously strong suppression of the image frequency. The center frequency of the filter is 1250 MHz. It is supplied in a rugged and low-cost ceramic package with dimensions of 3 x 3 mm2.

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