February 7, 2008

Thermistors: Overcurrent thermistors now lead-free

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EPCOS now offers leaded overcurrent PTC thermistors (B598*C0120A570) for power-line applications in lead-free versions. The high-temperature solder in these innovative and environmentally friendly protective components is entirely lead-free, and the concentration of lead bound in the ceramic does not exceed 0.1 percent – features that distinguish these components from all comparable standard products on the market.

With a resistance tolerance of only 20 percent and a narrow switching range, the electrical properties of these PTCs are also superior to the standard range. Their maximum voltage is

265 V. These lead-free components are available in a resistance range from 10 to 120 Ω. Depending on the type, the release current ranges from 75 to 330 mA.

These products are consequently suited as overcurrent protection components on the power side for all types of power supplies. The whole series has UL certification and its VDE approval will shortly be concluded.

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