July 2013

Data Book

Aluminum electrolytic capacitors in overview

TDK Corporation presents the new 2013 edition of the EPCOS Data Book Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors, which covers many product innovations in addition to the proven range. They include the B43541* and B43544* snap-in series, which are distinguished by their higher rated voltages of 600 V DC (85 °C) and 550 V DC (105 °C), respectively. Screw-terminal capacitors are now also available with a rated voltage of 600 V DC (85 °C) in the B43700* and B43720* series.

Further highlights are new types with significantly higher current capabilities in various terminal designs for industrial and automotive electronics. Also included are the new ultra-compact snap-in types of the B43640* and B43644* series, as is the new B43547* snap-in series with a useful life of 8000 h at 105 °C, which is designed to satisfy the highest current capability and useful life requirements.

The new data book encompasses aluminum electrolytic capacitors with the following terminal types: screw-terminal, snap-in, axial, and single-ended. Capacitors for pulse applications as well as large-size types for applications in automotive electronics are also listed. Detailed technical descriptions help developers select the right capacitors for almost all applications. The data book has 716 pages and can be ordered under EPC:27026-7600 from www.epcos.com/publications.



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