February 2017

APEC 2017

Solutions for power electronics

  • March 27 to 29, 2017
  • Monday: 17:00 to 20:00
    Tuesday: 12:00 to 17:00
    Wednesday: 10:00 to 14:00
  • Tampa Convention Center
    333 S Franklin St., Tampa, Florida
  • Stand 601

Welcome to the Applied Power Electronics Conference 2017! The APEC is one of the leading events for power electronics in the USA. On display are EPCOS, TDK and TDK-Lambda products and solutions for automation, drives and traction. In particular, capacitors, inductors, protection devices, and wireless charging components and systems will be on show.

Product highlights

CeraLink™ series extended

The range of CeraLink™ capacitors based on PLZT ceramic (lead lanthanum zirconium titanate) was extended. The low profile (LP) types for SMD soldering are now available with a voltage of 500 V and a capacitance of 1 µF, or with 700 V and 0.5 µF. The capacitors are characterized by their extreme volume efficiency and compactness. The dimensions of the variants with L-style terminal, for example, are 10.84 mm x 7.85 mm x 4 mm. Thanks to the compactness and the permissible maximum temperature of 150 °C, these capacitors can, for example, be embedded as snubber capacitors directly into IGBT modules. The new types with J-style terminal have an even more compact design, with dimensions of just 7.14 mm x 7.85 mm x 4 mm. One great advantage of the CeraLink LP types is their extremely low ESL of just 2.5 nH. The CeraLink solder pin (SP) type is available for higher capacitance values of 20 µF and 10 µF for the rated voltages of 500 V and 700 V, respectively. This type has a very low ESL of just 3.5 nH. Thanks to their low parasitic effects, CeraLink capacitors are ideally suitable for converter topologies on the basis of fast-switching semiconductors such as GaN or SiC. Voltage overshoots and ringing when switching are significantly lower than with conventional capacitor technologies.

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Aluminum electrolytic capacitors with improved performance

Three new series of EPCOS aluminum electrolytic capacitors offer improved performance. The B43743*/B43763* series screw terminal capacitors features a 40 percent higher ripple current capability than the previous series of the same size. The new capacitors are designed for rated voltages between 350 V DC and 450 V DC and cover a capacitance range from 1500 µF to 18,000 µF. The components withstand a maximum operating temperature of 105 °C, at which a useful life of 6000 h is achieved, when operated at the rated current. Depending on the type, the can diameters range from 64.3 mm to 90 mm, and the heights from 80.7 mm to 221 mm.

The ripple current capability has also been increased for snap-in types, too. It is, for example, about 20 percent higher for the B43544* series that are designed for 400 V DC and 450 V DC. Altogether this series covers voltages from 200 V DC to 550 V DC and offers capacitances between 47 µF and 2700 µF. At the maximum operating temperature of 105 °C and the rated current, the useful life is 3000 hours. The can diameter ranges from 22 mm to 35 mm, and the heights from 25 mm to 55 mm.

The B43641* series of snap-in capacitors, which is also new, has an impressively compact design. The new capacitors feature an insertion height that is about 5 mm lower than that of the previous series while maintaining the same capacitance. The height ranges from 25 mm to 55 mm, and the can diameter from 22 mm to 35 mm. These capacitors are designed for voltages from 400 V DC to 450 V DC and for a useful life of 2000 hours at 105 °C. The capacitance range extends from 120 µF to 1200 µF.

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Perfect fitting DC link capacitor for IGBT modules

The new EPCOS DC link capacitor has been specifically designed for the HybridPACK™ 1-DC6 IGBT module from Infineon Technologies. The outstanding features of this component are the six busbar terminals with dimensions that are matched precisely to fit the IGBT module. This multiple contacting produces an excellent current capability while at the same time offering very low parasitics. For example, the ESR has a maximum value of 0.6 mΩ and the ESL value is just 25 nH. Thanks to this low ESL, voltage peaks on switching off the IGBTs are almost completely eliminated. 

The new capacitor with the order number B25655P4607J021 is designed for a rated voltage of 450 V DC and offers a capacitance of 600 µF. Its current capability is about 150 A at a maximum ambient temperature of 105°C and a cooled temperature on the underside of 75°C. The component is designed using power capacitor chip (PCC) technology in which the capacitor element is constructed as a stacked winding, with which a volume fill factor of nearly 1 is achieved. The dimensions of the housing are correspondingly compact, at just 140 mm x 72 mm x 50 mm.

Furthermore, a flat winding version is offered in the same housing (B25655P4477J121). This type has a capacitance of 470 µF and is likewise designed for 450 V DC. At a maximum ambient temperature of 105°C and a cooled temperature on the underside of 75°C, its current capability is about 150 A. The ESR value of this design is 0.8 mΩ and the ESL value is 25 nH.

Apart from the standard version, the capacitor is also available with an additional connection for the EPCOS high-voltage DC EMC filter. All in all, the combination of the IGBT module with the new link circuit capacitor enables the design of extremely compact inverters for xEV applications or for use as industrial inverters.

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