January 2018


Innovative solutions for power electronics

  • March 10 to 14, 2016
  • Saturday to Wednesday 10:00 to 18:00
  • India Expo Mart, Plot No. 25 -29, Knowledge Park II, Greater Noida, Uttar Pradesh, India
  • Hall 2, Stand H2N8

Welcome to TDK at ELECRAMA 2018, the international exhibition for industrial electronics in Greater Noida, India! TDK is presenting its broad portfolio of components for power quality. On display are EMC filters, PFC capacitors, film and aluminum electrolytic capacitors, inductors, ferrites and protection components such as varistors. Convince yourself about the innovative EPCOS products. We’re looking forward to your visit!

Product highlights 

Active harmonic filters optimizes power quality

The EPCOS PQSine™ series of active harmonic filters significantly optimizes power quality. The modular filter systems are designed for 3-phase networks with and without neutral conductors at rated voltages up to 690 V AC at 50/60 Hz. PQSine active harmonic filters are able to analyze and neutralize current harmonics up to the 50th order.

Depending on type, PQSine offers compensation currents of up to 150 A per module. The core of the PQSine active harmonic filter is a controller based on a 32-bit digital signal processor (DSP) that features a reaction time of only 20 µs. In contrast to classical power factor correction, which only corrects inductive loads, PQSine also compensates capacitive reactive power loads. In addition to their outstanding filtering, the PQSine active harmonic filters also balance the loads to all phases.  

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Expanded operating voltage for thyristor modules

The EPCOS TSM-LC-N690 thyristor module for power factor correction (PFC) has an expanded operating voltage range up to 690 V AC. The module performs two-phase switching of the capacitors, so that a neutral conductor is not needed. Depending on the operating voltage, the module is designed for a reactive power of 40 kvar to 75 kvar and can switch currents of up to 60 A.

The module continuously monitors voltage, phase and its own temperature, and is thus very reliable. Like all EPCOS thyristor modules, the TSM-LC-N690 operates silently and is wear- and maintenance-free with a short switching time of only 5 ms. The module also helps to increase the operating life of the capacitors by switching at the zero crossing of the current. In addition, dangerous overcurrents are avoided and the grid is not exposed to transients. The thyristor module can be triggered by EPCOS dynamic power factor controllers, PLCs or directly from the process. 

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Humidity resistant X2 capacitors

The EPCOS X2 EMI suppression capacitors offers stable capacitance values, even under extremely humid conditions. The B3292*H/J* series for operating voltages of up to 305 V AC comprises types with rated capacitances ranging from 0.1 µF to 15 µF and lead spacings from 15 mm to 37.5 mm. The operating temperature range is from -40 °C to +110 °C. In addition, the capacitors, which employ a metallized polypropylene dielectric (MKP), also feature excellent self-healing properties that allow weak dielectric areas to be burned out in the event of overvoltages.

The robust capacitors perform reliably under severe ambient conditions, easily passing the damp heat test. Here, they must operate for at least 1000 hours at a temperature of 85 °C, a relative humidity of 85 percent and a voltage of 240 V AC without a change in capacitance of 10 percent or more. Thus, the new X2 capacitors are perfectly suited for applications in harsh environments, such as the capacitive power supplies in outdoor energy meters, for example, and in across-the-line industrial applications.

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