February 2018

electronica China 2018

Innovative solutions for all applications

March 14 to 16, 2018

  • Wednesday and Thursday: 9:00 to 17:00
    Friday: 9:00 to 16:00
  • Shanghai New International Expo Centre (SNIEC), No. 2345 Longyang Road, Pudong, New Area Shanghai, China
  • Halle E5, Stand 5106

Welcome to TDK at electronica China 2018 in Shanghai, one of the leading trade fairs for electronic components and systems in China and the Asia-Pacific region! We are showing our innovative and broad portfolio of TDK and EPCOS components, solutions and systems for all electronics and electrical industries. Among the products on display are capacitors, inductors, protection components, sensors, MEMS components, and much more.
The focus is on automotive electronics, particular in EV, HEV & PHEV applications. In the area of information and communication technology, we are presenting solutions for smartphones, IoT and wearable devices as well as components for wireless charging. Components and solutions for robotics and photovoltaic systems are being highlighted for industrial electronics and energy.
We’re looking forward to your visit!

Product highlights

World's first rechargeable solid-state SMD battery

CeraCharge™ is the first solid-state rechargeable battery in SMD technology. Depending on requirements, the number of charge/discharge cycles this battery is able to perform ranges from several dozens to up to 1000. With its compact EIA 1812 package (4.5 x 3.2 x 1.1 mm) it offers a capacity of 100 µAh at a rated voltage of 1.4 V. This battery is also capable of delivering currents in the order of several mA for short periods. Thanks to the SMD technology, placement of the battery is easy and it can be processed using reflow soldering techniques, which in turn reduces the production cost of the end product.
In contrast to most common technologies, CeraCharge is a solid-state rechargeable battery with no liquid electrolyte. The battery is based on a multilayer technology, similar to MLCCs. This means that a relatively high energy density and smallest volume are combined with the safety and high volume manufacturing benefits of ceramic multilayer components. In addition, the use of a solid ceramic element as an electrolyte rules out the risk of fire, explosion, or leakage of liquid electrolyte.
To increase the capacity and the voltage, any number of individual CeraCharge components can be connected in series and parallel. This opens up a wide range of possible applications – particularly in devices intended for the Internet of Things. These include, for example, real-time clocks, Bluetooth beacons, wearables or systems for energy harvesting.

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PowerHap™ – high performance with haptic feedback

The innovative PowerHap™ piezo actuator with haptic feedback and integrated sensor functionality is now available in three compact types – 2.5G, 7G and 15G – which can achieve an very high acceleration of 2.5 g, 7 g and 15 g, respectively, under a load of 100 grams. These components also offer unrivalled performance in terms of force and response time, and thus offer an unprecedented quality of haptic feedback. The compact and powerful actuators enhance the sensory experience of HMIs significantly by engaging the full range of human tactile sensitivity.
PowerHap is based on multilayer piezo plates with migration-free copper inner electrodes. Thanks to the multilayer technology the actuators can be driven with relatively low operating voltages up to 60 V or 120 V, depending on the type. When activated, the piezo plates only expand minimally in the z axis, but due to the constant volume of the piezo effect contract simultaneously in both the x and y axes. The new component employs cymbals on both sides of the plate as levers to amplify the contraction by a factor of 15 in the z axis.
Compared with conventional electromagnetic solutions such as eccentric rotary motors (ERMs) and linear resonant actuators (LRAs), the PowerHap features high acceleration and force combined with low insertion height and the fastest response time – and all that with extremely low energy consumption per click of 1 mJ, 3 mJ and 8 mJ, respectively, and in a single component with integrated sensor functionality.

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Robust 3D transponder coils with high sensitivity for automotive

The new TDK series of 3D transponder coils features a high sensitivity level for passive entry passive start (PEPS) and other access systems. Measuring just 11.5 mm x 12.5 mm x 3.6 mm, the B82453C*A* series features six types of 3D transponder coils that offer sensitivity levels from 45 mV/µT to 83 mV/µT and inductance values from 4.75 mH to 13.2 mH. The center frequency is at 125 kHz. Thanks to the optimized core geometry of the new 3D transponder coils, their sensitivity levels are about 20 percent higher than that of predecessor or competitor components with comparable geometries and inductance values. This enables the wake-up function of PEPS in vehicles applications to be activated at greater distances.
The RoHS-compatible 3D transponder coils have a robust overmolded casing and the terminals of the windings are laser-welded. As a result, they feature very high mechanical stability, as is proven by the severe drop tests required for PEPS applications. Accordingly, the new transponder coils are qualified to AEC-Q200.

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Robust MKP types for AC applications 

The new series of robust EPCOS MKP film capacitors (B3275*) is optimized for use with AC voltages with high ripple currents. The new types are available for rated voltages of 250 VRMS, 275 VRMS and 310 VRMS and cover a capacitance range from 1 µF to 70 µF. One particular feature is their extreme robustness: The capacitors pass a THB test (temperature, humidity, bias) at 60 °C, 95 percent relative humidity and a rated voltage applied for 1000 hours.
The MKP film capacitors are designed for a maximum operating temperature of 105 °C: Both their case and the epoxy resin sealing comply with UL 94 V-0. Depending on capacitance and voltage class, the lead spacings are 27.5 mm, 37.5 mm or 52.5 mm, with 4-pin versions offered for the two larger lead spacings.
The capacitors feature a long expected lifetime of more than 60,000 hours at a temperature of 70 °C and 90 percent of the rated voltage. Typical applications for the new EPCOS MKP film capacitors are the output filters of frequency converters, uninterruptible power supplies and variable-speed drives.

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Low loss ferrite material for high frequencies

The new MnZn-based PC200 ferrite material is characterized by low losses at high frequencies. It was developed specifically for power supplies and frequency converters that operate with fast-switching power semiconductors on a GaN basis. The new material is optimized for a frequency range from 700 kHz to 4 MHz. Its maximum transmissible power is reached at a switching frequency of 1.8 MHz to 2 MHz and an operating temperature of 100 °C. The ferrite material’s Curie temperature is in excess of 250 °C.
The PC200 ferrite material is particularly suitable for transformers based on ring core or planar topologies. The new material is available in ER, EFD, ELP, EQ, I and RM cores. The outstanding properties of this material will enable considerably more compact power supplies to be designed in future. At the same time, its efficiency is improved due to the low losses of the ferrite material, which is why the use of PC200 contributes to significantly greater energy savings.

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Compact high reliability chip varistors for automotive

The AVRH series chip varistors for automotive applications offers a maximum operating voltage of 19 V to 70 V and a capacitance ranging from 4.7 to 50 pF. The miniature voltage protection device is available in IEC case 1005 (EIA 0402) with compact dimensions of just 1.0 mm x 0.5 mm x 0.5 mm, which makes the new component 75 percent smaller than existing components with comparable performance. The high reliability AVRH series, which also features a wide operating temperature range of -55 to 150 °C, can withstand contact discharges of 25 kV to IEC 61000-4-2 and are qualified to AEC-Q200.
The new AVRH series uses TDK's unique coating technology to achieve the high reliability required in automobiles. The AVRH series is thus suitable for use in various automotive ECUs and bus systems such as LIN, CAN, CAN-FD, and FlexRay. Moreover, the chip varistors can be used in systems that use BroadR-Reach, MOST or automotive Ethernet.

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Thin-film metal inductors with high current capability

The new TFM160808ALC thin-film inductor for power supply circuits features a maximum DC resistance of 62 mΩ that is 30 percent lower than for existing types (e.g. TFM160808ALM, 0.47 μH). The new type, whose compact dimensions are just 1.6 mm x 0.8 mm x 0.8 mm, also offers a high rated current of 2.6 A and an inductance of 0.47 μH. In addition, thanks to the newly developed metal core the thin-film inductor features lower losses. As a result, the component's efficiency over a broad output current range of 10 mA to 2.5 A is higher than that of existing types and can improve the efficiency of DC-DC converter power supplies by nearly 1 percent.

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