August 2017

electronica India 2017

Innovative solutions for all industries

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  • September 14 to 16, 2017
  • Thursday to Saturday, 10:00 to 18:00
  • New Delhi, Pragati Maidan Exhibition Centre, India
  • Hall 12A, Booth 2130

Welcome to TDK at electronica India 2017 in New Delhi, one of the leading trade fairs for electronic components and systems in India! We are showing our innovative and broad portfolio of EPCOS and TDK components, solutions and systems for all electronics and electrical industries. The focus is on solutions for Information and communication technology, automotive and renewable energy.

We’re looking forward to your visit!


Robust 3D transponder coils with high sensitivity

The new series of 3D transponder coils with a high sensitivity level is designed for passive entry passive start (PEPS) and other access systems. Measuring just 11.5  mm  x  12.5  mm  x  3.6  mm, the B82453C*A* series features six types of 3D transponder coils that offer sensitivity levels from 45 mV/µT to 83 mV/µT and inductance values from 4.75 mH to 13.2 mH. The center frequency is at 125 kHz. Thanks to the optimized core geometry of the new 3D transponder coils, their sensitivity levels are about 20 percent higher than that of predecessor or competitor components with comparable geometries and inductance values. This enables the wake-up function of PEPS in vehicles applications to be activated at greater distances. 

The RoHS-compatible 3D transponder coils have a robust overmolded casing and the terminals of the windings are laser-welded. As a result, they feature very high mechanical stability, as is proven by the severe drop tests required for PEPS applications. Accordingly, the new transponder coils are qualified to AEC-Q200.

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High-voltage contactor for 200 A

The new HVC200A bipolar high-voltage contactor is designed for the switching of high DC voltages and currents. It is capable for operating voltages of up to 450 V DC and a high continuous current of 200 A. Arcs that occur when disconnecting the DC load are quickly and safely extinguished with a gas in the hermetically sealed switching chamber. The HVC200A, with its dimensions of 89 mm x 44 mm x 93.5 mm is available in drive versions for 12 V (B88269X1000C*) or 24 V (B88269X1010C*). Both versions have a power of 6 W at the rated voltage. As an option, the new contactors can be equipped with a circuit for detecting the switching status.

High-voltage contactors with a high continuous current capability are used, for example, in e-mobility applications for the fast disconnection of the battery from the drive, as well as in DC charging stations. Further applications include photovoltaic systems and uninterruptible power supplies (UPS). Versions with 12 V and 24 V drives for continuous currents of between 100 A and 500 A at maximum permissible operating voltages of 900 V are currently in development.

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High vibration strength of 60 g

EPCOS aluminum electrolytic capacitors that are specified for 60 g in accordance with IEC 60068-2-6 offer the highest vibration strength and the best electrical performance in a single component. The robust capacitors are available in three terminal designs (axial-lead, soldering star und double plated) with dimensions of 16 mm x 25 mm to 18 mm x 39 mm (d x l). They cover capacitance values of between 270 µF and 5800 µF and the voltage range from 25 V to 100 V. In addition, all 60 g types feature a high maximum operating temperature of up to 150 °C and are qualified to AEC-Q200.

TDK uses the axial design to achieve maximum vibration strength. Axial capacitors have crucial design-related benefits over the frequently used single-ended design: Flexible connecting tabs between the welding points and the foils prevent direct transmission of vibrations to the terminals. In addition, the winding is firmly clamped by the can by means of both axial and radial fixation forces. The winding is fixed in the radial direction by means of a ring-shaped compression corrugation in the middle of the aluminum can.

Typical applications for the new EPCOS capacitors are DC-DC converters and motor inverters.

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Higher rated voltage at CeraLink™ capacitors

The CeraLink™ series now includes two low-profile (LP) types designed for a rated voltage of 900 V DC. The SMT capacitors have a capacitance of 0.25 µF and feature different terminations: the B58031I9254M062 type with L-style termination has dimensions of 10.84 mm x 7.85 mm x 4 mm, while the B58031U9254M062 with J-style termination measures only 7.14 mm x 7.85 mm x 4 mm.

The new capacitors supplement the existing LP portfolio which until now has included types for 500 V DC (1 µF) and 700 V DC (0.5 µF). Thanks to their compact design and high permissible continuous operating temperature of 150 °C, all LP types can, for example, also be embedded directly into IGBT modules as snubber capacitors.

Another advantage of the CeraLink capacitors based on PLZT (lead lanthanum zirconate titanate) ceramic is their extremely low ESR and ESL values. For example, these components feature a minimum ESR value of 12 mΩ and an ESL value of just 2.5 nH. These capacitors are therefore well suited to converter topologies based on fast-switching semiconductors such as GaN or SiC. Voltage overshoots and ringing when switching are significantly lower than with conventional capacitor technologies. Another feature of the LP types is the high steady state ripple current of up to 11.4  ARMS.

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Compact DC link capacitor for IGBT modules

The new EPCOS DC link capacitor that has been specifically developed for the HybridPACK™ 1-DC6 IGBT module from Infineon Technologies. The outstanding features of this component are the six busbar terminals with dimensions that are matched precisely to fit the IGBT module. This multiple contacting produces an excellent current capability while at the same time offering very low parasitics. For example, the ESR has a maximum value of 0.6 mΩ and the ESL value is just 25 nH. Thanks to this low ESL, voltage peaks on switching off the IGBTs are almost completely eliminated.
The new capacitor with the order number B25655P4607J021 is designed for a rated voltage of 450 V DC and offers a capacitance of 600 µF. Its current capability is about 150 A at a maximum ambient temperature of 105°C and a cooled temperature on the underside of 75°C. The component is designed using power capacitor chip (PCC) technology in which the capacitor element is constructed as a stacked winding, with which a volume fill factor of nearly 1 is achieved. The dimensions of the housing are correspondingly compact, at just 140 mm x 72 mm x 50 mm.

Furthermore, a flat winding version is offered in the same housing (B25655P4477J121). This type has a capacitance of 470 µF and is likewise designed for 450 V DC. At a maximum ambient temperature of 105°C and a cooled temperature on the underside of 75°C, its current capability is about 150 A. The ESR value of this design is 0.8 mΩ and the ESL value is 25 nH.

Apart from the standard version, the capacitor is also available with an additional connection for the EPCOS high-voltage DC EMC filter. All in all, the combination of the IGBT module with the new link circuit capacitor enables the design of extremely compact inverters for xEV applications or for use as industrial inverters.

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