October 2017

EP Shanghai 2017

Solutions for power quality

  • November 20 to 22, 2017
  • Monday and Tuesday: 9:00 to 16:30
    Wednesday: 9:00 to 15:00
  • Shanghai New International Expo Center, No. 2345, Longyang Road, Pudong, Shanghai, P. R. China
  • Hall E1, Stand 1D28

Welcome to EP Shanghai 2017! We are presenting our comprehensive and innovative portfolio of EPCOS and TDK components and power quality solutions for the improvement of power quality in the areas of power generation, transmission, distribution and storage. The focus is on EMC filters, power factor correction capacitors and systems, active harmonic filters and power chokes. Furthermore, components are on display for gas-insulated switches (GIS), HVDC breakers, automatic load break switches, and smart meter applications. We are looking forward to your visit!

Product highlights

Robust industrial grade X2 capacitors with a rated voltage of 350 V AC

A new series of robust EPCOS MKP X2 capacitors is well suited for EMI suppression. Compared with conventional X2 capacitors designed for rated voltages of 305 V AC, these new components offer a higher rated voltage of 350 V AC. This makes them suitable for EMI suppression in input filters and output filters of photovoltaic inverters, for example.

The capacitance range extends from 0.47 µF to 10 µF in accordance with the E12 series. Even under severe ambient conditions the new capacitors are characterized by a stable capacitance, as verified in damp heat tests, in which the change in capacitance does not exceed 7.5 percent (test conditions: 1000-hours at 85°C with a relative humidity of 85 percent and a voltage of 330 V AC). The maximum operating temperature of the components is 110 °C.

The X2 capacitors are approved in accordance with UL and EN and, depending on the capacitance, are available with a lead spacing of 27.5 mm (B32924*4*) or 37.5 mm (B32926*4*). Both the casing and the epoxy resin sealing material comply with the UL 94 V-0 standard. The capacitors are especially suitable for applications with higher demands in terms of current capability, as well as capacitive power supplies.

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High-performance thyristor module with data logging

The EPCOS TSM-LC-S thyristor module for dynamic power factor correction (PFC) is designed for voltages of 200 V AC to 440 V AC (50/60 Hz) and is suitable for compensating reactive powers of up to 55 kvar. Installation takes place via the system bus (RJ45). An integrated measuring electronics logs key operating data such as voltage of the grid and the current, temperature and switching state of the PFC capacitor. The maximum values of these parameters are simultaneously stored. The data is transmitted via the interface to the power factor controller and processed further, thus enabling comprehensive capacitor and system protection. In addition, the TSM-LC-S features a high-contrast OLED display for the operating data and alarm and error messages.

Like all EPCOS thyristor modules, the TSM-LC-S (B44066T1050E402) operates silently with no wear and is maintenance free. It has a switching time of only 5 ms. The module also increases the operating life of the capacitors, as it switches at the zero crossing of the current and monitors the capacitor current. Dangerous overcurrents are avoided and the power line is not exposed to transients. The EPCOS TSM-LC-S thyristor module is especially suitable for PFC applications with presses, welding machines, elevators, cranes and wind turbines, for example. 

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Powerful motor chokes up to 1500 A

EPCOS motor chokes are for the output side of frequency converters available. These components, also known as dv/dt chokes, are designed for a rated voltage of 520 V AC. Their current capabilities range from 8 A to 1500 A, depending on the type. The new B86301U* series is suitable for motor cables with a length of up to about 100 m at motor frequencies of 0 Hz to 400 Hz. The smaller types are designed for a maximum switching frequency of 16 kHz, whereas this drops to 2.5 kHz for types with current capabilities exceeding 500 A. The design of the chokes corresponds to the IEC 60076-6 standard. All types of the new series are manufactured with the UL-approved T-EIS-CF1 electrical insulation system.

Motor chokes are longitudinal chokes, through which the total motor current flows. Their inductance flattens the steep current and voltage edges at the output of the frequency converter so that the parasitic capacitances of the connected motor cables are less strongly charged and discharged. Motor chokes are used mainly to protect the motor windings from voltage peaks. 

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Active harmonic filters for optimized power quality

The EPCOS PQSine™ series of active harmonic filters optimize power quality. The modular filter systems are designed for 3-phase networks with and without neutral conductors at voltages from 200 V AC to 480 V AC and 50/60 Hz. PQSine active harmonic filters are able to analyze and neutralize harmonics up to the 50th order. The new filter series is available in steps of 60 A up to a maximum rated current of 600 A.

The core of the PQSine active harmonic filter is a controller based on a 32-bit digital signal processor (DSP) that operates at a scanning rate of 48 kHz. With a reaction time of only 21 µs, the PQSine active filter is one of the best in its class. The newly developed selective drive control (SDC) algorithm is faster than conventional algorithms based on a fast Fourier transform (FFT). In contrast to classical power factor correction, which only corrects inductive loads, PQSine also compensates capacitive reactive power loads. In addition to their outstanding filtering, the PQSine active harmonic filters also balance the loads to all phases. The 4-line versions additionally correct neutral conductor currents. The 7-inch or 12.1-inch TFT color touchscreen offers a user-friendly interface for setting parameters and monitoring the operation of the system.

PQSine active harmonic filters are used to improve the power quality in the grid. Key applications thus include frequency converters, UPS systems, data centers and production equipment in the semiconductor industry as well as photovoltaic systems and wind turbines. PQSine filters are also suitable for use in office buildings and shopping centers.  

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Snap-in series with high ripple current capability and long useful life 

Two 105 °C snap-in series of EPCOS aluminum electrolytic capacitors offer a very high ripple current capability and a long useful life. The latter is 5000 h for the B43545* series. These capacitors are available with rated voltages of 400 V DC and 450 V DC as well as capacitances of 82 µF to 820 µF. The capacitors of the B43547* series have a useful life of 8000 h and a voltage range from 200 V DC to 450 V DC. They are available with capacitances of 82 µF to 2200 µF. The thermal resistances and ESR values of both series were further reduced, so that the ripple current capability was significantly increased. Depending on the type, these new capacitors have dimensions of between 25 mm x 25 mm and 35 mm x 55 mm (d x h). They are designed for a maximum ambient temperature of 105 °C.

Their main applications are as DC link capacitors in frequency converters for drives and inverters for photovoltaic installations as well as industrial power supplies.

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Clamp AC high-current sensors 

The CCT series of clamp AC current sensors for up to 600 A is able to meet the high-current sensing needs of energy management systems (EMS) for buildings, factories, stores and communities. The new CCT406393-600-36 600-A current sensor has a clamp inner diameter of 36 mm and external dimensions of 56 mm x 67 mm x 96 mm. With a current transformation ratio of 3000:1, the output current is 200 mA. The new clamp AC current sensor achieves its high current rating thanks to its optimized sensor shape and high-performance ferrite material developed especially for current sensors. Moreover, the CCT series is manufactured with automated winding and soldering processes to ensure high quality. With the addition of this new component to a current sensor lineup that already includes a 300-A (24 mm inner diameter), 100-A (16 mm) and 30-A (6 mm) types, TDK offers a comprehensive portfolio of clamp AC current sensors for a wide range of currents.

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