October 2011

Aluminum electrolytic capacitors

Expanded product database for the AlCap design tool

The database for AlCap Calculation, the design support tool for EPCOS aluminum electrolytic capacitors, has been updated to include all series listed in the new data book 2011. As a web-based application, AlCap Calculation always offers users the latest features and functions and provides a direct link to the data sheets of the capacitors selected.

Among the new products now available to users of AlCap Calculation is the new B43543 series of EPCOS snap-in capacitors. This series features outstanding high ripple current capability and long operating life combined with a very compact design, and is thus especially suited for use in frequency converters and professional power supplies.

The data book 2011, which can be ordered online from the EPCOS website under  www.epcos.com/publications, covers the entire spectrum of EPCOS aluminum electrolytic capacitors.



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