September 2013

Service for design engineers

New data book for EPCOS Ferrites and Accessories

TDK Corporation presents the completely revised 2013 edition of the EPCOS Data Book Ferrites and Accessories. Among the product highlights are innovative power materials for a wide range of temperatures, which enable the design of energy-efficient power supplies. For example, the power loss minimum of material N88 is at about 130 °C, while that of PC47 is at 100 °C and that of N96 is at room temperature. In addition, the spectrum of PQ cores has been expanded with the new PQ 40 and PQ 50 cores. Also new in the data book are the large K10 ring cores, which are specifically designed for interference suppression (EMC) in large manufacturing installations. Moreover, the data book also presents the wide range of accessories for ring cores, such as base plates and housings. The data book has 621 pages and can be ordered under EPC:61014-7600 at .

As a new service for design engineers the EPCOS website now lists under the most common ferrite materials according to their application area.



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