June 2012


New data book for PTC Thermistors

The new data book, “PTC Thermistors,” presents the comprehensive product range of EPCOS standard PTC thermistors. Detailed technical information explains the mode of operation and facilitates the selection of suitable PTC thermistors for specific applications.


  • Overload protection
  • Inrush current limiters
  • Overload protection for telecoms applications
  • Switching PTC thermistors
  • Motor-start PTC thermistors
  • Sensors
  • Motor protection sensors
  • Point-level sensors
  • Limit-temperature sensors
  • PTC thermistors for LED driver circuits
  • Heating elements


The series of inrush current limiters has been extended by additional leaded components, which are especially suited for inverter circuits of pumps, air-conditioning systems and drives.
The data book can be ordered online at the EPCOS website for a nominal charge.



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