August 2018

Sensor China Expo & Conference 2018

Sensor Solutions for all industries

  • September 10 to 12, 2018
  • Monday and Tuesday: 9:00 to 16:30
  •  Wednesday: 9:00 to 14:00
  • Shanghai Convention & Exhibition Center of International Sourcing, No. 2739, Guangfu West Road, Putuo District, Shanghai, China
  • Hall 1, Stand A003

Welcome to the Sensor China Expo & Conference 2018!
TDK is presenting its key sensors and sensor solutions for automotive, industrial, and home appliance applications. The exhibits range from NTC sensors and pressure sensors to angle sensors, MEMS sensors and inertial measurement units (IMUs).
We’re looking forward to your visit!  

Product highlights

Media-resistant pressure sensors for aggressive fuel line environments

TDK’s innovative tank pressure sensor design takes a new approach: All plastics and elastomers that come into direct contact with fuels are replaced with extremely durable glass-based materials that are matched in terms of thermal expansion. Unlike elastomers, these materials do not swell, shrink or become brittle, thus eliminating inaccurate pressure measurements due to signal drift or leakage. As a consequence, this sensor technology offers a high resistance against all fuels and provides an accurate signal with a narrow tolerance of less than ±1% FS over a wide temperature range of -40 °C to +125 °C, even at temperature changes within a certain time period.
The new sensor offers gauge pressure measurement over a wide range, for hybrid vehicles typically from -100 mbar to 350 mbar. It is equipped with a digital interface (SENT) for onboard diagnostics and additional temperature sensing. Based on TDK’s robust pressure sensing platform, the sensor provides long-term signal stability and highest media resistance over lifetime. 

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NTC sensors for temperature measurement up to 650 °C

The EPCOS NTC sensor element designed for measuring temperatures up to 650 °C. It is based on a high-temperature ceramic sensor element that is connected to a metallized aluminum oxide rod and then glass-encapsulated. The sensor element offers high-precision measurement with a temperature tolerance of about ±1 K at 200 °C. The component obtains its particular ruggedness from the glass encapsulation. The sensor is available optionally with wires welded to the aluminum-oxide rod. The component is 16 mm long and the glass encapsulation has a diameter of 2 mm.
The high-temperature sensor is qualified to AEC-Q200 and designed for use in especially demanding automotive electronics applications, for example, in exhaust gas recirculation systems. These are used mainly on diesel engines to reduce excess oxygen in the combustion gas and thereby minimize the formation of nitrogen oxides at high combustion temperatures. In the recirculation systems the NTC sensors measure the temperature of the exhaust gas and thus help to protect the engine against overheating – in particular, the cylinder head and valve seats.
In e-mobility applications the sensors are able to monitor the temperature of fuel cells that are used in electric vehicle drive systems for the direct generation of electrical energy from hydrogen. Applications can also be found in household appliances, for example in self-cleaning ovens that operate on the pyrolytic principle. These work by heating the oven interior to a temperature of about 500 °C which breaks down the long-chain molecules of the food residues and reduces them largely to gas and ash. The necessary temperature is regulated and stabilized by the NTC sensors.

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Redundant 3D HAL® technology based magnetic sensor with outstanding output flexibility

TDK Corporation expands its Micronas Dual-Die Hall-effect sensor portfolio with the HAR 379x sensors for multidimensional magnetic field measurements in safety-critical automotive applications according to ISO 26262 rules and in industrial applications. The new sensors come with a digital output: besides pulse-width modulation (PWM) output, the SENT protocol according to the latest generation of SAEJ2716 (rev. 4) is also supported. HAR 379x is the Dual-Die SMD package version of the HAC 37xy family using the proprietary Micronas 3D HAL® technology for detecting angles in a range between 0° and 360° (end-of-shaft and through-shaft setup) as well as linear movement or position. Samples will be available from July 2018. Start of production is planned for the first quarter of 2019.
The HAR 379x sensors' versatile programming characteristics and its high accuracy make the HAR 379x the perfect system solution for gear selector applications – especially because of the possibility to provide the magnetic field amplitude in combination with the angle information. Both parameters are made available via the fast channel of the SENT interface. Additionally, the magnetic field amplitude information enables the required push-functionality. The device fits perfectly into applications where linear movements have to be measured, e.g. in dual-clutch transmission applications, for clutch pedal position detection, as engine stroke sensor, for transmission position measurement, or for cylinder and valve position sensing.

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