October 2012

Multilayer ceramic chip capacitors

C0402 (EIA 01005) MLCC with twice the capacitance

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  • Dielectric material is 30 percent thinner than in previous products
  • Rated capacitance doubled to 0.22 µF

TDK Corporation presents a new MLCC in size 0402 (IEC) with the highest rated capacitance of 0.22 µF*. The TDK C0402 is designed for decoupling applications in compact mobile devices such as smartphones. With its rated voltage of 6.3 V, the capacitor is suitable for any voltage present in such applications. Thanks to further advanced fine-grain technology and microstructure control, the dielectric material of the new TDK C0402 type is more than 30 percent thinner, thus offering twice the capacitance in the same volume as existing TDK products. As a result, the new capacitor facilitates a reduction in mounting footprint requirements and parts count. In addition, the TDK C0402 offers outstanding reliability. Mass production will start in December 2012.

In order to make full use of the performance characteristics of dielectric material, the sintering process has been optimized as well. The various technologies that have been improved during the development process will be applied to other form factors as well, and a further increase in capacitance is also envisioned.

* As of October 2012, according to TDK investigations


  • DC voltage characteristics: A rating that is specific to high dielectric constant type (Class II) capacitors, where capacitance decreases when a DC voltage is applied.

Main applications

  • Decoupling and smoothing in IC power supply lines in compact mobile devices such as smartphones

Main features and benefits

  • Approximately twice the capacitance of existing TDK products
  • Rated voltage of 6.3 V

Key data

Case size




Rated voltage





(EIA CC01005)
0.4 x 0.2 x



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