June 2008

Power capacitors

Compact PCC for IGBT modules

EPCOS has developed a new PCC (power capacitor chip) with a busbar that fits the IGBT modules of all well-known suppliers. Its compact cube-like design features dimensions of 280 mm x 110 mm x 120 mm and a volume fill factor of nearly 1 that enable the design of extremely space-saving converters. Moreover, time-consuming and expensive assembly work and symmetry resistors are no longer necessary, as is the case with other capacitor types.

At a rated voltage of 900 VDC the PCC offers a capacitance of 1000 μF. The ESL for the entire PCC, including the busbar, is a maximum of 15 nH. Therefore, the IGBT modules with steep switching edges do not experience any notable voltage overshoots.



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