July 2011

Power factor correction

Data loggers with long recording times

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TDK Corporation presents the EPCOS DataLOG SD data logger for the EPCOS PFC controllers BR6000-R12/S485 (from V5.0) and BR7000. This newly developed data recording equipment can be used to record and store all the values measured by the controller. An SD card with a storage capacity of 1 GB is included in the scope of delivery. Evaluation software for Windows PCs is also included and allows the measured values to be analyzed.

The data logger allows the recording of grid parameters as well as the relevant parameters of a PFC system inclusive of switching sequences and the switching-on time of all steps as well as the temperature. Depending on the measuring intervals, the recording time can be extended up to several weeks.

The data logger is connected directly to the controller interface via the supplied Ethernet cable. Its plastic casing measures 66 x 28 x 66 mm³.


  • Reactive power: occurs whenever the phase angle between the current and voltage shifts. It is caused by inductive loads such as electric motors and transformers. Reactive power has no use, but is necessarily generated by power plants.
  • Power factor controller: automatically switches PFC capacitors into the network when required. Reactive power can be almost completely compensated in this way, thus reducing energy costs and protecting the environment.

Main applications

  • Automatic PFC systems in three-phase industrial networks.

Main features and benefits

  • Recording the grid parameters as well as all relevant parameters of a PFC system.
  • Recording time up to several weeks.



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