September 2007

Power capacitors

Link circuit capacitors in dry technology for HVDC

EPCOS has developed a new power capacitor design in dry technology for the link circuits of high-voltage DC (HVDC) transmission systems. The new capacitors feature a typical capacitance of 4000 to 5000 μF and are designed for rated DC voltages of up to 2800 VDC. Their current handling capacity extends to 450 A. The new capacitors are additionally distinguished by good parasitic coefficients. Thus, their equivalent series resistance is less than 0.5 mΩ and their series inductance does not exceed 50 nH.

HVDC transmission systems have the advantage over AC voltage networks of lower power losses, especially for long point-to-point routes. They are therefore used to supply isolated loads such as oil drilling platforms as well as to integrate power plants such as offshore wind parks that are a long way away from their consumers.



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